Contest 2022 – Therapeutic gardens, designs which heal.

The gardens are areas that foster welfare, relax, the relish of senses; they are spaces for body and soul contributing to our physical and mental balance, places of health…

A therapeutic garden is an outdoor area, specifically designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of those individuals who use the garden, together with their family, carers and friends.

These gardens contain elements laid out to propitiate a specific therapeutic objective. Not only they suggest a direct interaction with nature, but they nourish from nature to recover, teach, stimulate and untangle physical, psychological and social – economical aspects of the person.

Did you know that many of the therapies which are currently conducted indoors would be much more efficient if they were carried out in a natural environment?

Those countries, societies that are more concerned about their citizens´   well-being are preparing a network of this type of natural spaces, capable to benefit their population at a large scale, besides of offering free and unrestricted access to them.