I Edition – 2010

The implementation of the International Garden Festival of Allariz, which took place on 8 July, pursues several objectives, such as the recovery of a wide space near the Arnoia river to be used and enjoyed by the neighbours of the town, the contribution to the economic revitalisation increasing the tourist attraction and the employment creation, and the empowerment of landscape gardening as values connected with Allariz.


The great expectation of the Allariz event, as figures display, delayed the closing date, planned for 31 October, until 14 November, coinciding with the Autumn Festival.


The first edition of the International Garden Festival of Allariz, designed by Francisco Caldeira Cabral and Elsa Severino, closes on 14 November. The eight creations of the Portuguese landscape architects will be disassembled or moved to other councils to give way to the eight ephemeral gardens which will take part in the second edition. Only the proposal called “El río” (“The river”) will stay for one more year in the Festival, according to the 40% of the visitors’ decision.