VI Edition – 2015 «Music in the garden»

The International Garden Festival of Allariz took up the landscape calendar again with its original form, unique in Spain. In 2015, visitors have enjoyed places for observation to listen to inner music and labyrinths which recreated the path towards the siren song, reproduced in little devices along the garden. Music born with the visit to the gardens, the movement of the bamboo or by walking on volcanic gravel and crushed shells. A conductor to orchestrate a thousand colours and a xylophone made by canes to make “natural” music. All of these are singular elements which the participating landscape gardeners highlighted in their works thanks to the music which inspired them.

Besides seeing, smelling and feeling these green works of art, the more than 40,000 visitors have also listened to them. And, of course, they have voted their favourite garden. This one was “A la IMAGINE de Allariz” (“The image of Allariz”) of the Paraguayan Gabriel Ayala.