1- A thick veil: The Arabian Garden.

Edition 2023 – Garden 1

In the Arabian culture the enjoyment and sensuality are a part of the private life; that is why this garden emerges as a big white cube, off-centred from the correlation, taking over external space to give it over to the internal world.

Its walls are weaved, smoothed curtains separating the public from the private.

The entrance gets foreshortening through a small door in one of the corners, as the ancient Arabian fortresses used to have, thus highlighting the surprise factor.

Once inside, the perfume of the plants floods the smell while a timber-framed garden elevates its prominence and the sound of water invites to rest, just as in the Alhambra´s gardens.

Whereas outside the soil is arid, a carpet of white gravel welcomes the visitor inside the garden, inviting them to enjoy a bit of paradise on the earth, as the Islamic tradition recites.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

Luife Martín


Luis Fernando Martín Pérez-Rúa

An architect from Allariz and Granada who focuses his professional activity in cooperation projects in Africa, in which he combines craftwork and innovation.

Sensitive on the environment and passionate on sensations, he creates a dialogue between the dwellings and the nature, because without the landscape, architecture cannot be understood.