Garden is but another name for health

Edition 2022 – Garden 10

The project was conceived starting from the three elements that make up a therapeutic garden: people, nature and the time spent in that place.
It was designed to be accessible to people of all ages: who live in the garden can walk on the main path in fine gravel, or on the secondary path, in local stone, which mixes with the lawn, which can also be walked on.
Strolling in the garden you will find spaces in which to rest, in the shade of the trees or in the sun; in which to observe nature and learn, literally putting your hands in the earth.
Nature, the plants that are scattered throughout the garden, are a mix of essences that allow adults and children to touch, smell, observe the inflorescences and leaves, learning and relaxing.
In the therapeutic gardens, and obviously also in this one, people must feel free to relax and disconnect from the outside world, remaining protected and lulled by the nature that surrounds them.
Those who want to learn can stay under the gazebo to transfer aromatic plants and maybe bring a few sprigs with them to use at home; those who want to relax can sit by the stretch of water on the wooden benches or take one of the movable chairs and place it where it suits them best.
Everyone is welcome and can learn and relax, walk around and isolate themselves from the surrounding world, if only for a while.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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Sofija Milosevic

Giulia Pecchini

Italia and Montenegro

Landscape architects, we met at the master’s university in Florence.

Sofija, born in Podgorica, has experiences as an urban planner and landscape architect and currently divides her time between Bologna and Florence, where she works in a landscape studio.

Giulia, born in Reggio Emilia, has experiences in Italy and England, also as an interior designer. She is a freelancer and divides her time between Rome and Reggio Emilia.

Both passionate about open spaces, plants and design, they have been collaborating for years despite the distance.