10-Geometry of the Nile

Edition 2023 – Garden 10- Technical winner AEP

This garden would like to transport the visitor into the gardens of the Ancient Egypt. Those gardens were characteristic by being settled in plain areas, with closed borders and very geometrical, symmetrical and rhythmical tracks.
The plot follows the same longitudinal symmetric axis and is divided into two areas. In the first area, marked by two big obelisks, we find the family garden. It is a functional garden in which the Egyptians used to plant fruit, aromatics and medicinal plants for harvest. At the entrance we can see the recreation of two symmetrical T- shaped ponds. They used to be very common among the wealthy families of the Ancient Egypt, as well as in some pharaohs’ temples like Hatshepsut in Deir o-Bahari.
Following the longitudinal symmetry of the axis, once inside through the entrance made of pillars, we get into the contemplation pharaoh´s style garden. It is composed by a central pond surrounded by a wooden footbridge, which allows the visitor to touch the water below. The pond is decorated with water lilies “Nymphaea Lotus”, the symbol of High Egypt and some papyrus “Cyperus papyrus”, representing the Low Egypt.
The whole garden is surrounded by fruit trees from North Africa. At the backside there is a representation of a porch made from a wooden pergola decorated with geometrical and mathematical Egyptian symbols, which provide shadow, rest and contemplation of the garden.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni



During our learning years we had explored different routes within the architectural area. In our last grade we wanted to focus on urbanism and landscaping.
Graduate from ETSAM and studying the “Master in Habilitating Architecture” at the same college. During her studies she has always been attracted by nature and landscaping as she has spent much time in a countryside environment.
In 2022 she graduated from ETSAM and she is currently studying the “Master in Habilitating Architecture”. Inquisitive about architecture, landscaping, energy efficiency and sustainable building, she enjoys learning and never stops progressing.
Graduate from ETSAM and studying “Master in Habilitating Architecture”. Since the beginning he has worked in architecture and consultancy firms. Besides, he combines studies with his passion for the scout life, working as a leisure and free time monitor.