11-Searching for the lost wonderland

Edition 2023 – Garden 11

Since we open our eyes when we are born, life is a continuous exploration which never stops surprising us; it may be precisely this feeling of adventure, surprise, intrigue for the unknown which has led the humanity from taking baby steps up to great excursions organised by explorers from around the world.
This curiosity which lies in our souls has taken us to the most remote areas of the planet and even farther. From the faraway Oriental lands to the endless search of “El Dorado” City in South America, from the deepness of the oceans to the outer space, up to the Moon in Neil Armstrong´s expedition on the Apollo 11.
This garden is looking for the awakening of this adventurous spirit which we all possess, stimulating the visitors to explore each and every of its hidden corners, revealing the richness of its gardens and the cultural welfare which we have built altogether.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni


Ciudad de México, México / Santa Cruz de Tenerife

An architect passionate of landscaping. Member of the VMA Office led by the architect Victor Marquez, Izasi took part in the developing of international winning projects, including the Science Park Founders and “A Mexicana” Park, this last one in cooperation with GDU, the most well-known landscaping studio from Mexico.

They are the CEOs of CICA Paisaxe, a Mexican firm specialised in design and realisation of landscaping projects. Being experts in this field, they conducted urban projects of major importance. Their mission is to balance spaces and transform cities.
Technical agricultural engineer, she has a master in Gardening and Landscaping. She is a garden and exterior spaces designer. She collaborates in studies of architecture and engineering in projects of urbanism and landscaping. She is a specialist in the selection of sustainable and ecological species.