Eu non creo nas meigas, máis habelas, hainas

Edition 2022 – Garden 12

The design of this garden is inspired in the Galician folklore and traditions. The central components of the garden are The Axis of “Meigas” and The Axis of Alchemy. It was believed that the “meigas” knew how to mix and use different plants to cure diseases. The Axis of Meigas represents this belief within rows of vegetation planted in an interlocking pattern. Also, in reference of “meigas”, there is a ritual circle in which people can sit and share fairy-tales and a “meigas” tower – an abstract, imaginary representation of a palace.
Bisecting the garden diagonally there is The Axis of Alchemy, which consists of the Alchemy Laboratory and the Alchemy Tunnel. The narrow opening at the beginning of the Alchemy Laboratory allows a person to look inside and speculate about the magic taking place there. The other part of The Axis of Alchemy is a tunnel through which a person can walk towards a gold painted rock, an abstract visualisation of one of the central alchemy goals – “The Philosophers ‘ Stone”, which – besides transforming base metals into gold – it also cures diseases. Placed on the intersection of the two axes, the Gold Rock also speaks about the transformative and healing power of plants.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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Petar Iliev
Yuliya Ilieva


After travelling extensively for years, Yulia and Petar became interested in the role that natural and built environments play in people´s lives. This interest inspired them to enter the field of landscape architecture. After completing their graduate studies in landscape architecture at University of Oregon, Yulia and Petar moved to California where they founded “Thrace Design Studio, LLC.”