12- Informal Garden

Edition 2023 – Garden 12 – Popular winner

Latin America is a region full of diversity and struggle. Its history, along with its economic context has been marked by informality and underdevelopment. This garden is a praise to all those people who have grown up and have thrived from the informality. A garden which brings on the materiality of these informal sites (metal, wood, leather) in which the creativity and the vernacular issue gather together to invigorate the homes of millions of people across Latin America, starting from vertical structures and representing this geometry and mountain architecture which is characteristic in the metropolises of this region.
A mirror of water isolates each one of the structure, just as in the real life each one of these boroughs is isolated from the rest of the “formal” city.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

Julián Castañeda

Bogotá, Colombia.

An architect with more than three years of experience on development and participant in architecture contests. Architectural designer and researcher in development, interested in the relationship between politics and architecture.