Edition 2022 – Garden 2

This is a symbolic garden, a crossroads between worlds. Like a contemporary petroglyph, the shapes allow us to connect both with the legacy of our ancestors, which make up our identity, and with the stars through the 4 cardinal directions, which remind us of the imperishable.
1. Amble through the garden, relax and take a deep breath, let your feet guide you through the paths, the lawn and the circles. Awaken your senses: touch, feel your footsteps, listen, smell. Discover the life that inhabits this space.
2. Choose a place to sit for a while. Think of all the people who, having met or not, have allowed you to be here and now: the ancestors who over the years have shaped the languages ​​that allow us to communicate, the ancestors who have shaped the traditions that give us identity, the ancestors who created our culture through their work, the ancestors who have dared to go further to innovate, advance and evolve, the ancestors who have given us life. One day we too will be part of those ancestors.
3. Approach one of the bells and ring it as a way to honor those ancestors, feel how the sound expands and reaches the invisible regions, outside and inside you at the same time.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni



Daniel Carvajal Alonso

A Coruña

I am Daniel Carvajal Alonso, from Ourense, now living in A Coruña. I work as an architect in Galopín, creating unique play spaces for the children, with the purpose of improving cities through play. In my free time I am an Urban Sketcher, capturing the reality that surrounds me with watercolors and ink. In addition, I have always been passionate about the study of tales, myths, traditions and rites, something that makes us human and connects us as a society. My final degree project at the ETSAC was about contemporary cemeteries, as a first approach to understand the benefits that design can have for people, its influence on the state of mind and the ability to transmit messages to our psyche through the use of symbolic and metaphorical elements.