Green cloud garden

Edición 2016 – Parcela 10

Future gardens

With the pressure for space in most urban settings, this project seeks to explore future possibilities for green in towns and cities, without compromising on the need for new development and growth. More green space in these locations can improve the urban environment in many different ways: esthetically and environmentally, as well as socially and economically. By creating suspended gardens, green layers can be applied at new levels, without interfering with ground space.


The green cloud garden will consist of hanging plants, planted in moss balls. The balls vary in size, to accommodate small herbs and bigger shrubs. The suspended position of the moss balls gives visitors the possibility of viewing the plants from levels other than the natural ground position. By being hung and planted one by one, the plants achieve the status of sculptural objects. This way of planting also allows for the possibility of mixing species that would not normally be seen together in a planting proposal.



Martine Van Liet, Katarina Brandt, Floris Grondman, Baihe Cui, Freek Loos

LOOS van VLIET, founded in 2009, is an atelier for Landscape Design and Urban Planning, with a wealth of experience. We work on projects in the Netherlands, China and Korea. The scope of these projects varies: from development plans, urban plans, parks and public urban spaces, to gardens, planting plans and designing furniture for outdoor public areas.

Different disciplines

In our work, it is essential to think from the perspective of different disciplines. This enables us to understand our assignment at different scales and levels of detail. It is what makes us flexible in our capabilities and what provides an excellent basis for collaboration on complete plans.