Edición 2016 – Parcela 11

“Build the future while looking to the past”: the synthesis between traditional and contemporary knowledge.

By starting with the traditional working techniques and collective memory of a place, it is possible to design a sustainable garden that produces food, without pushing beauty to one side. Fortunately, in rural Galicia, food production for personal consumption is still very deeply rooted.

Considering that the monoculture farming system currently used is unviable, we present permaculture as a valid alternative.  Permaculture involves creating natural, polyculture agroecosystems, based on ethical principles and with a specific design that allows food to be produced, without damaging or consuming the environment where the activity takes place. A symbiosis between human beings and their surroundings, it reflects a respectful and harmonious attitude towards the environment, plants, animals and people.

The design is based on a Celtic spiral with two turns. It evolves and adapts to the needs of the project, since it allows you to reach any point while having a minimal impact on the ecosystem. This design creates separate zones and, in each zone, different species coexist in harmony, while mutually benefiting each other.


María Susana Ribeiro e Jesús Pacheco

María Susana Ribeiro e Jesús Pacheco

ORIGIN: Allariz