Soñando el futuro. Viviendo el Presente

Edición 2016 – Parcela 2

“We always project into the future or reflect in the past, but we are so little in the present.”

Mariña Abramovic

The origins of our project lie in this quotation from the Serbian artist, given that we believe the future, being an uncertain idea, has infinite hypothetical possibilities. This is why we are seeking to create an ambience of reflection, where each individual can imagine their own version of the future and thereby evaluate their present, creating awareness about protecting nature. We want each individual to question their idea of the future: is this the future I want? What am I doing to achieve it? Do I value my present?

It is a space where each individual can focus on themselves; one that encourages them to dream, imagine and stimulate idea exchange. It is designed for interaction, for visitors to enjoy themselves and also for them to internalise the message of the festival.


Melisa Avila / Daniela Polo


Melisa Avila / Daniela Polo

ORIGIN: Colombia

Colombian architects, with an innate interest in the green urban infrastructure, developing innovative projects and the relationship between humans and nature.