Jardín de Luz

Edición 2016 – Parcela 3

In the early 21st century, globalisation led to extreme individualisation in human behaviour and large-scale overcrowding in cities. Owing to building height and constructions being excessively compacted, there arose a need for a new resource, which had never been scarce up to that point: sunlight.

The warmth of a gathering with friends, a chat with a stranger, leaving space for spontaneity, and sunbathing and walking barefoot on the grass began to be a therapeutic need, in order to live with good physical and psychological health.

The garden of light is a space where you can take your plants so they can receive sunlight and interrelate with people who love gardening.

A place of refuge for abandoned plants, created through these plants. If time passes and no one adopts the plant, it is planted in the garden. That is how the garden creates itself and grows, through a dynamic design and one of respect; a garden in motion and one that we all design every day.

Gardens are used to continue remembering that nature is the place we come from and where we have to go, to learn to be humans.


Xabier Pageo


Xabier Pageo

ORIGIN: Barcelona

I know what I am looking for and where I am going because I am my own path.

I was born between sea and mountain and, most importantly, you can see the sea from the mountain. Ecology and fun are the essence of my work. I analyse and try to explore the world, to create singular moments and ones of incredible beauty that can caress the soul. I research. I research to the very depths of myself, in search of questions that make me share, that bring me closer to the treasures that await me there and that make me feel part of this marvellous world.

My dreams and my heart yearn for places where I am yet to go. I try and fail, try and fail, try and see how reality is revealed to me, the reality of a journey.