Huerta Cibernética

Edición 2016 – Parcela 6


It is difficult to think ahead to the future and imagine a clean environment, where we all maintain a balance with nature, acknowledging the power we have as human beings over all the elements that make up an ecosystem.

The garden is inspired by methods and technologies designed to grow plants, now and in the future.

It is imagined that the earth and soil are toxic. We have to seek other ways of growing plants, to be able to eat, live and breathe. Growing plants in the air, without soil, is suggested as an experiment and a response to the catastrophic situation in which Mother Nature has found herself.

Farming plants, such as vegetables, without soil means earth cannot be used as a substrate. Hydroponics and aeroponics are alternative systems for growing plants, which aim to remove or reduce the soil-related limitations on growing vegetables.

What is this vegetable garden about? It is based on soil-free farming, where the plants receive the nutrients they need through water. To do this, specially designed structures are installed, with a small pump that ensures a constant water supply. In this case, it is a manual nutrition program.

This way of farming can be applied to any type of plant, whether for consumption or decoration, and it can take place outdoors and indoors. Vegetables like rocket, basil, lettuce, chicory and various spices are just a few examples of the plants that can be grown.


Michalina Wójcik

Michalina Wójcik

ORIGIN: Alicante