Better Future

Edición 2016 – Parcela 9

The effects of climate change are already being felt throughout the world: natural disasters, endangered species and scarce resources.

We must inspire and mobilise society, to build a better future for coming generations.

The central part of the project represents the natural landscapes that were destroyed through misguided human activities. The trees are metal sculptures. The waterways follow altered courses and are represented by a water mirror, with straight lines. Reinforcements are artificial.

The aim of this project is to reduce deforestation, reinforce sustainable forest management and rescue biodiversity in landscapes around wooded areas.

Governments, companies, communities and individuals must unite to ensure the future of our planet.

We can build a better future.


João Jadão, Juliana Freitas, Cid Carvalho, Ricardo Oliveira e Vinicius Andrade


João Jadão
Juliana Freitas
Cid Carvalho
Ricardo Oliveira
Vinicius Andrade

ORIGIN: Brasil

Landscape gardeners focussed on creating landscape architecture projects. The group develops projects in public and private spaces, in Brazil and other countries.

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