Natureza Suspendida

Edición 2017 – Parcela 1

Human beings have forgotten what it means to feel. In a world that is so opposed to nature, where experiencing nature is considered a form of relief, we routinely hark back to better times.

Based on this idea, we suggest a sensory garden that takes us to the past. Not only the historic one, where visitors are reminded of different times—like when hanging gardens were popular—but also an intra-historic one. That is the past of people, memories, childhood, everything that blends our experience of the world with our experience of ourselves.

A floating garden makes our memories weightless and awakens our senses. The feeling of nature, suspended.

On the ground, a complex of floral and paved strips act as different stimuli for the visitor: visual, tactile, olfactory and even auditory, through their footsteps.


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TEAM: Tinglado
Tamara Deza Martínez, Irene García Paz, Daniel Fernández Posada

ORIGIN: Pontevedra – Galiza

Creative studio formed at ETSAC (University School of Architecture of A Coruña) with shared interests in the different artistic disciplines, always from an architectural perspective.