Perdido en la memoria

Edición 2017 – Parcela 5

Lost in Memory is based on this concept. In a 165 m2 plot, we are seeking to create an environment the user will feel part of. Their memories should travel with them, as they walk through it. Different pathways create a feeling of confusion, where the plants unsettle or calm the visitor, in the same way memories do. They may feel anxious or frustrated, but also calm and comfortable. The journey has a single objective, which is to reach a peaceful space, where the visitor feels calm with themselves, happy and satisfied as a result of all their memories and experiences.

This project focuses on relapsing into memories. Why do we strive to remember, and even lose ourselves in memories and live only based on them? It is a continual ebb and fall of emotions and sensations, where we traverse moments of good and bad memories. You find yourself in a space where it is good to stay on the path of the memory, but if you do not manage to leave it, you will not reach peace and tranquillity. This is because we often regret what we have and have not done, and want to go back, even though we can do this only through our memories. We return and try to change what we could have done differently, seeking a different result. We know thinking constantly about what we could or could not have done is a tempestuous process, and it is often impossible to get out of it. We keep ourselves in the process of learning or clinging on to things that have already happened, where all we provoke is perpetual motion, going over each situation again and again.

We are seeking to create a reflective and introspective experience, where the user has to look for a way to move forward, and find the path that will leave them calm and happy.


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Fernanda Torres Vila & Natalia Barrera Correa

ORIGIN: México

Fifth-year architecture student and recent graduate interested in landscaping and the public space, primarily in their hometown: Mexico City. We believe that our country has the ability and all the necessary resources to compete at an international level, as a leading power. Through architects who are qualified and committed to their profession, we can create spaces that benefit everyone: people, the environment and the context of the city.