El parque del olvido

Edición 2017 – Parcela 6

The Garden of Oblivion approaches memory as a beautiful labyrinth of sensations.

Our memories are a labyrinth full of moments, remembrances and times. A colour, smell or simple movement can bring a memory to mind, or let us learn new things that will form part of our future memory. Based on this idea, the design focuses on producing a space that lets the user dig deep into their memory, bringing them sensations they have already experienced and, at the same time, that they can use to create a lasting memory for the future.

The design is presented across three different spaces, interwoven into a small labyrinth. Each of them aims to play with the visitor’s sensations and memories.

Colour space
A wild meadow formed by different annual and perennial herbaceous plants. It comprises plants that can be found in Galicia and that will likely bring a memory to the surface.

Aroma space
Smell, a space formed by recognisable aromatic plants.

Taste space
Rather than being limited to fruit-bearing plants, this space also has a certain visual design.

Each space includes several small retreats that align with the plant theme of the space where they are located.

Leticia Álvarez Fernández e Pablo Rodríguez Regueiro


Leticia Álvarez Fernández e Pablo Rodríguez Regueiro

PROCEDENCIA: Lugo – Galiza

A love of nature, landscape and gardens combined with approaches from different disciplines led a team to be created with the skills to take on different landscape projects. Leticia and Pablo create spaces for human enjoyment that are always in harmony with their surroundings.