Edición 2017 – Parcela 7   2017 EDITION WINNER

Year 2168.

Following years of research into the terrain of planet Mars, conclusions have been positive regarding habitability for the human race in this new world.

On this date, May 2168, the areas of thawed water under the surface of Mars are more abundant, owing to irradiation of the nucleus, which has caused the temperature to rise sufficiently for us to be able to capture water in its liquid state.

The objective of the mission is to establish vegetation on the planet, in order to create a habitable atmosphere, with oxygen and controlling CO2.

The person responsible for achieving this is a landscape gardener, chosen from among thousands, from all humanity, with technology and one mission: to optimise water management, bearing in mind climatic conditions and substrates.

One of the domes is destined for growing vegetables to eat and the other serves to channel the valuable water and process it, to hydrate and nourish the new inhabitants of the planet: the plants.

It is calculated that the planet will be habitable in 2334.


Innova Paisajes - José Souto

José Souto