El laberinto rosa

2018 Edition – Garden 1


Since the beginning of time, human beings have enjoyed discovering their environment because of their innate curiosity. We have a yearning to explore forbidden places and experience new sensations. Connected to this curiosity are our basic instincts about our sexuality and how we interrelate.

Eroticism is part of our culture. It’s the intellectual and physical manifestation of our instincts.

In past times, gardens were the only places considered appropriate for confessing and revealing forbidden desires. In the quiet of the forest, far away, in the balance of nature, we find the perfect place to express what was, for many years, considered pagan, improper and immoral.

The Pink Labyrinth is inspired by our hidden desires and our courage to express them in an intimate, natural setting. It tries to evoke and emulate that feeling of privacy and of being hidden, like being enfolded in the warmth of intimacy.

Through spaces, colours, materials and plants, the visitor is encouraged to write down their wishes and let them follow them through the garden, along a subtle, continuous watercourse, which represents their subconscious.

The spaces are designed to be personal and intimate. Places where people feel confident and secure enough to express themselves. Partially private areas, where the visitor can stay a while and interact with others, in a setting of equality.

At the end of the tour, the visitor can go back through the garden, to rediscover it in reverse and experience it with new sensations.

Púa Studio - Alejandra Pérez Bahamonde, Úrsula García Lucero

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TEAM: Púa Studio

Alejandra Pérez Bahamonde, Úrsula García Lucero


Púa Studio is a multidisciplinary team that was developed to combine art, science and technology. The project was created in Peru, founded by Alejandra Pérez and Ursula Garcia, both architects with diverse interests, including botany, ecosystems and natural-space design.

We understand the landscape and its value for human beings. We study its aesthetic, physical, social, historical and cultural variables, as part of a continual progression to better understand the different natural and artificial processes present in the environment, on different scales: from city gardens to large, protected, natural ecosystems.

Púa offers Landscaping and Planning services. Through design, scientific research and practice, we plan spaces that are more human, spaces based on the new (and essential) demands for sustainability and innovation.

Púa seeks to encourage users to be aware of the value of the landscape and committed to its preservation.

Facebook: Púa Studio @puastudio

Instagram: pua_studio

Blog: https://thepuastudio.wordpress.com