Take Off to Heaven

2018 Edition –  Garden 11

The purpose of this garden is to take the visitor to heaven.

There are lots of ways to enjoy eroticism. Each involves its own preferences and fixations, but we all want to be taken to heaven.

How? All you have to do is take off like a bird. We’re too heavy to fly. So, you have to take off your clothes to go into the garden.

That way, Cupid will be able to find you and shoot you with his magic arrow. Everyone, young and old, will be inspired when they walk through the tunnel of wings, with Cupid’s help.

After that, they’ll start dancing, opening up their bodies and minds until all they can hear is their beating hearts.

Once passion has been kindled, the flames of unity can be found in the flower bed. Body heat generates strong winds while the dancers head towards their climax.

Now, they’re ready to fly, all together, like birds, spreading their wings.

Oh yes! Going somewhere in heaven. Sensual enchantment, like a bird in flight, with wings spread above the clouds.

Two benches await, to let the visitor enjoy the view and the pleasure of cuddling up to someone important in the garden, as if it were heaven.

Yamabiko - Masayuki Tanaka, Rocío Busó Martínez

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TEAM: Yamabiko

Masayuki Tanaka, Rocío Busó Martínez


Our team is called YAMABIKO, a Japanese word that means echo. The sounds reverberated by mountains.

Our voices are fragile, but our attempts to call out can be energised through valleys, like echoes. They are intensified like chants, in harmony with the responding sounds.

Our purpose is to create spaces that make people happy, by achieving a balance between body and mind, nature and human beings.

Rocío Busó Martínez and Masayuki Tanaka are graduates from the Master of Gardening and Landscaping at the Polytechnical University of Madrid.

Rocío, an agricultural engineer, is a lover of gardens and her contributions were essential to the project.

Masayuki is a garden pilgrim. As the conceptual author of the project, he’s been touring historic and famous gardens.

His current activities involve conveying the character of Japanese gardens. He uses photography to depict places that are special because of their beauty and spectacular flowers.