Les dons du réveil

 2018 Edition – Garden 4

The project is a path of research into the ideal place, in four stages, with four different characters, each of them being expressed through a garden. One of the things the characters have in common is the bed, as a place for purging taboos, freedom of expression, imagination and delirious creativity. The bed is transported into a natural context, until it becomes part of nature. The garden was originally a place for amorous meetings and sensory pleasure. Visitors have to guess the character based on the plant selection, the perfumes, and the features connected to the characters chosen.

Meeting one: The Charming Carmen”, an intense character. Her calm nature stirs your hunger. Wonderful, attractive addiction. And you lie in wait for her.

Impatient and eager for new discoveries, I continue along my path . . .

“Sleeping with Melissa”. How spicy. An intoxicating aroma that captivates you, but that evaporates quickly.

I keep going, and I see . . .

“Ophelia’s madness”. Apparent tranquillity. The waters are calm, but so dark that you can’t see the bottom. Only your own reflection and the white that envelopes you. With the first gust of wind, her eulogy sounds. A sweet, intense song.

I stop suddenly. I feel her coming.

“Breakfast at Audrey’s, in a sophisticated setting. A sweet, delicate perfume, a fragile atmosphere. But it’s just an illusion. A beauty you’ll never touch for fear of ruining it.

Four structures, four delusions of landscape architects. I join the crowd and each to his own madness.


Landscape Architecture Studio - Lorenzo Cellini

TEAM: Landscape Architecture Studio

Lorenzo Cellini, Giada Gigei, Francesco Diana, Matteo Gobbi, Giulia Carmenati, Mara Iannone.


The studio’s research work and activities focus on: the field of redevelopment, in high-quality historical and environmental contexts; projects for public spaces; planning and assessing areas of landscape; and organising participatory processes.

The group combines the knowledge and skills needed to ensure success in projects involving a high degree of cultural and professional commitment, like this one, at every phase, from generating the idea to implementing and managing the project.

The team is made up of eight consultants: architects, engineers, city planners, landscape architects and agricultural engineers.

The group leader is Lorenzo Cellini, landscape architect, PhD in landscape architecture from Sapienza University, Rome. His activities in the area of outdoor spaces are both theoretical and applied. He has participated in research projects of national interest and has been a consultant for businesses and studios working in the field, since 2006.

His publications include Agriurbaniecoredditiz (“Eco-profitable Agro-urban Planning”), January 2011. His firm, headquartered in Ascoli Piceno, has completed a long series of projects for competitions similar to this one and has won various international awards, including winning the Concours International d’Art Urbain de France, 2009.

WEB: www.celaniecellini.com