Chasing the look

2018 Edition – Garden 7


Under the theme of eroticism in the garden, one of our inspirations was dance, because it’s a game of movement that let’s each dancer discover themselves and the other person. The design of this space is based on the shape of two bodies dancing together, with very different geometric forms, which represent the different versions of each of us.

One of the bodies has a sinuous, natural and more delicate shape, which represents our more sensitive side. By contrast, the other body has a harsher and more geometric shape, which reflects our more animal, aggressive and instinctive side.

Eroticism is intimately linked to seduction, and this is closely associated with appearance. That’s why the areas that represent the heads of the dancers reflect their different perspectives. The more naturalistic side has a small pond, where visitors can see themselves reflected in the water. It represents an introspective and more spiritual outlook.

By contrast, on the geometric side, there is a tall structure, which lets visitors observe the more physical aspect. To conclude this idea of appearance, and the relationship between the singular and the plural, mirrors are installed at the centre of the garden, to represent the climax.

The mirrors are strategically placed so that the visitor can fully appreciate the beautiful details of the garden, while they continually see themselves and the other visitors.

Sunlight Paisajismo - Cristina del Pozo, Sara Costa e Elisabetta Nucera


EQUIPO: Sunlight Paisajismo

Cristina del Pozo, Sara Costa e Elisabetta Nucera


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