O Xardín da Escola

Edición 2018 – Parcela 8

For the eyes, the pleasure of colour and diverse shapes. Entertaining the ear is the music in the air, the sound of water, the wind rustling the leaves. A harmonious unison. Touch is in the textures of the surfaces, the soft skin of the person at your side, the coolness of the water. Smell is satisfied by the perfume of the flowers and the nuances drifting from the herbs. And there’s ripe fruit to caress the taste buds. All together in a garden, a space for the senses and for pleasure. For enjoying nature and company.

Dealing with the theme of eroticism at a school seemed impossible. There are prejudices to think of. How do you present eroticism to 15-year-old adolescents? Where do you draw the line? The shyness, and the embarrassment. They should learn for themselves. No one taught us (the teachers).

On the other hand, it’s a basic part of life for us all. So, how do you get into Eros without getting it wrong? Through the senses, the way we learn everything. That’s the theme of our project. We wanted it to be fun and pleasurable, with things that would lead each person to discover what eroticism is for them. The project had to take on sense beyond the senses.

We wanted a cool, intimate garden. One that doesn’t reveal everything as soon as you look at it. A welcoming and attractive locus amoenus, where visitors can do things: read, play, take shelter, relax and enjoy music and water. And one that people would remember.

This school garden is part of our daily work, and we want to display and share it. That’s why it’s linked to projects we’ve done in previous years, like the one about recycling. We also wanted it to reflect our continuous efforts to foster respect for nature, love for this town, and respect for things that belong to everyone. A garden that educates the children and us, about emotional intelligence.

It would never have come about without the work and ideas of the pupils. Girls and boys from the town and its surrounding areas, who brought fresh perspective to the project, and who made the elements that complement and give life to what would otherwise be just some pretty plants. These 14- and 15-year-old pupils from Allariz High School, real contributors to the project, would like to welcome you. Rest a while and enjoy the cool. Play in the tunnel, dip your hands in the water in the fountain and take away a pebble as a souvenir, stroke the leaves or take in the different aromas of the plant’s we’ve chosen.