A flashback in celluloid

2019 Edition – Garden 12   

Welcome to our outdoor multi-screen cinema tribute garden to classic black & white cinema, welcome to film as it was meant to be seen through celluloid, film reels and screens.

The garden has been designed as a Flashback, to recreate scenes from the past in black & white.

A Flashback in Celluloid is an open air multi-screen cinema where you can discover four classic films shot in black & white, we invite you to walk along the winding celluloid paths, where you could choose different ways to go to the four screens or take a glimpse in the central projection room to see how reels of film passed through the projector and brought classic films to the big screen.

Did you know celluloid films were made from plants? Invented around 1860, celluloid was a plastic based on cellulose nitrate and camphor. Cellulose nitrate is obtained by treating the cellulose extracted from the plants.

Let us take you back to some of cinema’s greatest moments! But before entering we suggest you do a Flashback in your own mind and try to remember B&W films, which one springs to mind? Maybe just a quote or a song? Perhaps a character or a director? Which scenes did you recall?

Before you arrive to the screens, we will give you some clues regarding each film.

Some of our movies mixed colour with black & white to emphasize an important point of the movie.

Would you like to discover them?

Please, come in and enjoy!

Cristina González Martin

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TEAM: Cristina González Martin, Garden Designer


Cristina González Martin. Originally from Guardo-Palencia, currently resides in Scotland.

With a lifelong passion for nature and botany, Cristina initially qualified and practiced as a Forestry Technician across Spain on various forestry and landscape projects.

Relocating to Scotland, captivated by its gardens and their influence in society, her hobby for Gardening led her to study Garden Design in Edinburgh where she successfully graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Garden Design. Cristina participated in Gardening Scotland 2017and 2018 where her design A Wee Natural Gallery was awarded with a Silver medal.

Cristina’s style is personal, using contrast, asymmetry, bold lines and influences from her Forestry roots, where the plants are the protagonists of the garden, seeking to achieve a natural effect, with low maintenance plants, easily sustainable, resistant to drought that flourish over time.

Inspired by The Naturalist of Piet Oudolf, The Contemporary English style, without forgetting her admiration for the Mediterranean Garden.

Contact: crisburgh@gmail.com

TEAM: Cristina González Martin, Garden Designer

ORIGIN: Scotland and Spain

Garden Designer & Forestry Technician.