The zoetrope garden

2019 Edition – Garden 2

Film is a form of artistic expression with a technical basis: generating movement from static images. During the 19th century, this technique materialised through numerous objects that were precursors of cinematography. The zoetrope is a pre-cinematographic mechanism that consists of a drum with vertical slits. When the drum turns, a viewer looking through the slits can observe a scene in motion, based on a sequence of images.

Inside the zoetrope garden, you will find the ecological sequence involved in the formation of a Galician forest. Water, as a fundamental component of the sequence, accompanies the visitor through the garden, taking them deep inside it. During the journey, the visitor is invited to interact with the zoetrope, by seeking the slits and looking through them.

Through the slits, it is possible to observe each of the stages of formation of the forest: formation of the soil through fungi, bacteria and bryophytes; meadows of pioneering herbaceous plants; perennial herbaceous plants; bushes and shrubs with gorse and brooms; and the climatic plants of the oak grove. Once inside, the visitor will find themselves immersed in the sequence and enjoy the garden to its fullest.

Aylín Nadia Vera Ramos, Pablo García Mena, José María Estebaranz Montero

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Aylín Nadia Vera Ramos, Pablo García Mena, José María Estebaranz Montero

Madrid e Santiago de Chile

Aylin, José and Pablo are a team of architects with different specialisations: ephemeral and interactive architecture, gardening and landscaping, and urban art and territory. In recent years, they have taken part in numerous projects and art installations, in addition to projects for territorial development and landscape integration in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. That is how they have come to form a group with complimentary approaches that condenses different creative perspectives into a single vision.