Chim Chim “Mary Poppins”

Edición 2019 – Parcela 3

Among the numerous narrative elements of film, a scene is the irrefutable building block of a screenplay. The ability of a scene to make you feel as though you were there in person is what makes a film a “live” emotional experience.

Gardens often play an important role in creating different atmospheres for a scene. Films use different types of landscaped garden to intentionally convey and maximise emotions in their plots and characters.

While some films construct scenes through different gardens, we inversely explored how a garden could be reconstructed when inspired by a film. The proposal Chim Chimney is a garden with a cinematic theme that invites visitors into the realms of fantasy by recreating and reinterpreting the atmosphere of a film. Inspired by the film Mary Poppins (1964), Chim Chimney recreates the magical and iconic scene where Mary Poppins sings “Chim Chim Cher-ee” with Bert the chimney sweep, on the roof, with her flying umbrella.

Walking through the garden, visitors encounter a series of chimneys and roofs placed at eye level, to make them feel as if they are walking and flying over the rooftops. These mundane objects from all around us in our daily lives become extraordinary and imaginative when they are placed at an unexpected height.

Chim Chimney is an iconic cinematic garden that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age and where they are from. It brings memories of the film for those who have seen it, and introduces it to those who have not. It is a set, orchestrated using different plants and chimneys, that lets visitors become lead actors and actresses, singing along with Mary Poppins.

Jaemee Studio

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Jaemee Studio is a young design studio based in Jersey City, USA, with focus on public art, architecture and landscape architecture. We explore how each project creates a cultural, social and ecological impact on its surrounding context and on society, in the simplest artistic form. We believe that, when we create infrastructure for artistic intervention, our imaginative approach to design results in a multidisciplinary exchange of ideas and values.


Haemee Han is a design director (art and landscape architecture) at Jaemee Studio. She has extensive experience in public art and in the field of landscape architecture. Haemee has led design of a diverse range of projects in America, Europe, and Asia, ranging from large-scale landscape implementation to small-scale public art installations. Haemee holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.


Jaeyual Lee is a design director (architecture) at Jaemee Studio. He has extensive experience in the fields of architecture, interior design and installation. Jaeyual has led the design of a diverse range of projects in the USA, ranging from large-scale master planning of a campus to indoor art installations. Before founding Jaemee Studio, Jaeyual worked at Gil Even-Tsur Architecture Workshop, RAAD Studio and Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). He currently works at Adjaye Associates, New York.

Jaeyual received his Master of Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.