Editing Allariz

2019 Edition – Garden 4

Film makes time visible and malleable. This means that an anecdote can be made into a feature film, or a long time period can be condensed into seconds.

Continuity of time is a take without cuts, a sequence shot. Discontinuity of time is scenes, cuts that are spliced together. Editing Allariz reflects the dialectic between continuity and discontinuity. The continuity of time is represented by an element that runs uninterruptedly through the garden. Since the theme is film, what better than a red carpet? The discontinuity is represented by different scenes that are clearly separated from each other.

The garden reflects the history of Allariz from the 6th to the 20th century, covered through 50 m of carpet. It achieves this through four scenes inspired by five moments:

  1. The smooth movement of grass lining a winding road makes reference to the nomadic nature of the Swabians, who founded Vila de Alaricii, in the 6th century.
  2. The merlons of medieval castles are the inspiration for the cubic forms of the elements that give shape to this space. Echoes of the Cantigas (musical poems) compiled by Alfonso X of Castile can be heard here.
  3. Four junipers represent the four crosses that were erected for protection against the plague that devastated Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  4. Several square ponds, inspired by tanneries, and a linen plantation allude to the economic driving forces of 20th-century Allariz: linen and leather.

The carpet winds through the scenes to reflect their chronological order. The visitor can follow it, or not.

Mandarina: Elvira de Navas, Luis M Santos e Ángela Martínez

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Elvira de Navas. With a degree in forestry engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Elvira initiated herself in the world of gardening through a diploma in garden design from KLC School of Design, London. Together with Ángela, she took part in the 2018 Aras en Flor contest, where they won second prize. Contact: elvidenav@gmail.com.

Luis M. Santos. Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, TU Berlin, and Master of Gardening and Landscaping, Polytechnical University of Madrid, Luis’s area of research was water-sensitive urban design, in different geographical contexts. He has completed internships with studios in Madrid, Berlin and Bangkok. Contact: luisms89@gmail.com

Ángela Martínez. Ángela holds a degree in architecture from the Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM), a Master of Project Management from European University, and a Master of Gardening and Landscaping from the UPM. As an architect, she worked for several years as a project manager. As a landscaper, she has collaborated with Aranjuez Council and worked for a landscaping studio, where she was involved in projects of different sizes. She has also worked on private and commonhold gardens in Madrid. Contact: martinez.angela@gmail.com