Forbidden garden

2019 Edition – Garden 5   Winner 2018 edition

The word forbidden means something that is unauthorised or not allowed. We’ve chosen this word to describe our garden because, as Adam and Eve once sinned, we all find forbidden fruit to be the most desirable.

When visitors discover the garden, they’ll feel lots of different emotions, culminating at a central point in the garden, where nothing and everything comes together.

Entry to the mystique of eroticism is along a winding path through an orchard of forbidden fruit. The path, adorned with wooden beams, inspired by the serpent’s stripes, reminds the visitor of the prejudices they have been forming for decades against eroticism. More closed minds will be blocked by the sculpted walls of the forbidden fruit. Only more intrepid and open minds will be able to go into the core of eroticism.

We’re seeking to explore the theme through the desire for freedom and the feeling of desire, without any sexual connection. All the elements of the garden were conceived and designed to encourage visitors to let their minds flow.

In the forbidden garden, eroticism denotes love and passion, where amorous feelings are expressed through sensuality and emotion. Here, the discovery of eroticism follows a dark path that culminates at the centre of the forbidden fruit, adorned with a turf of emotions, where far from prying eyes, everything goes.

Team MCR - Mónica Mota, Cláudia Vilar, Renata Ferreira

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Mónica Mota, Cláudia Vilar, Renata Ferreira


We are three, academically trained landscape architects. We studied together in the classrooms of the University of Porto.

We now have five years of professional experience in very different areas, from civil architecture and urban furniture, to designing, maintaining and managing green spaces.

We were finalists at the Ponte de Lima International Garden Festival, 2013.

Our passion for challenges led us to join forces, to let our imaginations soar and to design a unique and different space.