The Butterflies of Memory

2019 Edition – Garden 8

“The Butterflies of Memory” is a tribute that schools here in Allariz want to dedicate to the teachers who for generations have been giving wings of freedom and colours of happiness and wisdom to the boys and girls who spend time in their classrooms.

The inspiration for this school garden was “Butterfly Tongue”, a story by Manuel Rivas that was also made into a film directed by José Luis Cuerda and shot in the town of Allariz. The character of Don Gregorio, a devoted teacher, humanist, defender of freedom and victim of fascist brutality, embodies and represents each and every one of the teachers, real people with names and surnames, who also suffered brutality, persecution or execution by firing squad. Children’s innate curiosity and eagerness to grow was nurtured and encouraged by the men and women who made school a place filled with freedom and light. They were “the lights of the Republic”, abused, broken and extinguished in the long night of stone.

We hope these “Butterflies of Memory” can be a haven for remembering the past and claiming a present that’s playful, full of life, inclusive, harmonious and free, like child’s play, like a butterfly’s flight.


Centros Educativos de Allariz

Allariz – Galiza