The cinema, as always

2019 Edition – Garden 9  

Cinema, throughout its history, has been linked to a specific space that has remained mostly unaltered since the first time a moving image was projected for an audience. Beyond technology and the materials used to create auditoriums, the essence of a visit to the cinema has always been the same: a series of rites of passage that prepare the viewer to experience the space where they are going to enjoy the film, thresholds that are always crossed, regardless of what the person is going to see.

In this installation, we attempt to replicate that experience in the setting of a garden. The visitor enters through a threshold area that takes the form of dark, curtained corridors, which create the sensation of changing spaces, emphasised through changes to the paving. Inside, the garden, like an auditorium, is an isolated space that directs the visitor towards its focal point: the screen. Watching the screen is the ultimate purpose of any cinema auditorium, with its raised seating directed towards that point. Just as a change of space is suggested on entering, the paradigm is reversed on leaving, when the visitor abandons the auditorium and returns to the outside world.

Daniel Vázquez Malvesado

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TEAM: Malvesado


Daniel Vázquez Malvesado. Barcelona.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Interior Design from the BAU Design College of Barcelona. He has studied architecture and visual merchandising and is particularly fascinated by early-20th-century modern architecture, owing to its clean shapes and pure volumes. Always striving to seek the best possible functionality in his designs, he attempts to combine function and space by using materials in their most authentic and honest form. In search of a challenge, he has participated in this event to attempt to use the language of inside spaces out of doors.