Emily Dickinson inside garden

Edition 2021 – Garden 3

In Emily Dickinson’s indoor garden, there are three main elements. These are anthropomorphic elements: Jay May, Bee July and Bur Year. They talk to each other and ask after the bees, seeds, snow and magpie.

The three build the “cedar chambers” with “numerous windows”. It is possible to live in them. The three rise up to the sky, leaving a hole.

Jay May climbs up to reach the jays, which perch on him. The circles grow on a pentagonal directrix. In Bee July, buzzing is what raises the circles, on folding legs; you can play with the position of concentric circles. Bur Year is formed using a crown of thorns and trunks that rise up freely, pointing like filaments to the sky.

The three are set in a meadow and, in order to grow, they need only daydreams, a clover and a bee.

In Emily’s indoor garden, Dickinson’s poetry becomes a formal and symbolic reference point for the elements that make up the garden. Like Emily, we use anthropomorphism as a way to reflect her feelings about natural elements.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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Fermina Garrido López


Fermina Garrido López is a PhD architect from the UPM, a teacher in the URJC project area and a researcher. He works in his own studio and his professional activity is linked to wood design and project development in relation to the land scape. Knot in its designs the crafts man ship with technology, general concepts and the delicacy of details and innovation with tradition.