3- The world in eleven fragances

Edition 2023 – Garden 3

Memories of trips around the world go back to the first expeditions searching for species. These herbs transferred to the first horticultural gardens which made people travel throughout the flavours. “The world in eleven fragrances” intends to walk around gardens belonging to different geographical spaces using a game of odours linked to each of them. The world is divided in eleven segments with similar climate features, which are marked mostly by their latitude defining the origins of the chosen species. These segments are also the ones which set up the project, marking a tour across them.

Firstly, the stroll begins with the exhibition of each one of the eleven species, also represented by a symbolic totem. The very first segments are wider, farther being changed by narrower ones along the route. The individual tasting releases the amalgam of flavours and sensations which lead to new connexions between places around the world. The path, made from circular pieces of concrete, is small in order to let the graze itself to awake the smell during the movement. At the end of the path we can seize the whole garden thanks to a small, rocky viewpoint from where we can admire the entire olfactory and chromatic journey around the world.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni



Belën Fernändez Garcïa (1999)
Julio García García (1999)
Violeta Gonzalo Prieto (1998)
Andrea Sánchez Mena (1998)

We are a group of students of the “Master in Habilitating Architecture” from ETSAM (UPM) Madrid. We met during the lectures on ´Contemporary Landscapes – Theory and Strategy of a Project` and we constituted the group in which we are collaborating to develop this concept for the contest. During this time, we have discovered our interest on landscaping and nature, the importance of a good design and the components. This is our first project not linked to University and we take it on enthusiastically as we have the result of our proposal. We look forward to specialising into landscaping apart from architecture.