A árbore da vida

Edition 2022 – Garden 4

The “tree of life” is a constant and fundamental element widespread in mythological, philosophical and religious traditions around the world. It is related to the concept of sacred and healing element; and symbolizes the connection with the environment, both physically and spiritually.
Our proposal raises the relationship between the formal composition of the “tree” and that of the human being as a basis for the design of a space that allows, through sensory interaction, to generate a connection with nature, and therefore a relationship of wellness with the environment.
We have divided the Garden into 3 zones, which are related to the human being in a very unique way:
The Roots as the basis of our emotional system. They are there, and although they are not perceived, they are essential for the support of each individual.
The Trunk, like our body, allows us to grow and stay physically healthy.
The Branches form the cup and are the reflection of our personal and spiritual growth focused on expanding to receive “more light”, that is, more knowledge and experiences.
Each of the zones allows a specific type of sensory interaction, which leads us to connect and remember that symbiosis we have with nature; a mutual cooperation where the human being cares for and maintains it, and this brings us balance and well-being.
This is a garden to be in. A natural space to explore from a contemplative perspective. Where we can internalize the importance that we must give to being healthy from within, from our roots, but always in continuous evolution.
uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni



Lucía Álvarez Gómez

José Manuel González Borace


Pazos de Arenteiro (Boborás) / Vilamartín de Valdeorras – Provincia de Ourense

Architects and Designers.

Lucía and Jose Manuel form a team with various specializations in architecture and landscaping, which they complement with their passion for design and art. They understand design as an integral and dynamic process that must always generate a positive sensory and social impact.
In recent years they have participated in projects outside of Spain, where they have managed and executed institutional, commercial, urban, interior design, landscaping and housing works.