5- Pangea – A Historical journey

Edition 2023 – Garden 5

Pangea – a historical journey”, part of the concept “Pangea – the whole land”, the inspiring key of the project, a continental swathe which has been sliding for millions of years and has formed our actual continental structures.

Pangea” comes to Allariz starting from a central pentagon structure which opens up to each one of the continents and having the silhouette of Pangea in a circle in the middle, approaching the image to the spectator and inviting us to try and reach the figure, connecting the origin when “Pangea” was the geographical unity of the world.

According to the current inhabited continents as well as their classification, we can find Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and Asia.

Pangea” is a conceptual idea in which each continent is represented by significant features that make them recognisable to the viewer:

Europe, having clear geometry and crossed paths representing the classical gardens, green humps as mountains and Buxus bushes as the common plant in these gardens.

America, having a central tepee for the extended prairies, surrounded by a path which leads to the Canadian woods; yellowish rocks for the desert and monoliths for the grand canyons.

Oceania, having a stream of water surrounding the Australian island and a red mound of gravel representing the Uluru mountain – the symbol of the aboriginals as well as typical plants such as the eucalypt or the callistemon, nourishment for the autochthone fauna.

Asia, invoking typical aspects, such as religion, spirituality and martial arts. In the centre we can see a light wooden temple structure, a site for meditation and introspection where you can get walking upon blunt cut rocks settled in different heights and sizes, calculated according to Kua number, based on the culture of Feng-Shui as a symbol of order and equilibrium between the body and mind.

The experience invites to travel around the world, with stopovers on each of them and highlighting their origin, which was once one for all of them.

The walk around this garden can be taken moving from a continent to another in a round trip around the garden or stopping by on the central platform which represents the above named “Pangea” then getting to each continent from there.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni



Pangea team” is formed by five students of Master in Garden Design at Dmad school.

Coming from Italy, Mexico and Spain, they are BERTA, ELSA, XEMA, KARIM and LETIZIA and although with different styles and perspectives, they are bound by their passion for design, architecture and botany which they have brought together in this project with equal compositional ideas in order to offer a sensory trip around the world throughout this garden.