Gardenarium: The health rooms

Edition 2022 – Garden 6

The Roman baths were public buildings that represented one of the most important meeting places because were considered space to socialize, enjoy, have relax and develop activities. A comparable goal is achieved by the “healing gardens” designed to promote the health and improve well-being of people. “GARDENARIUM: the Health Rooms” aims to recreate this atmosphere through the realization of a garden able to stimulate the visitor both physically and mentally. The garden is, infact, characterized by three environments inspired by the three rooms of the Roman baths. The first room recalls the “frigidarium” thanks to the metal dome and the circular mirror of water placed in the center of a large seat. From the top of the dome a waterfall creates energy and dynamism. The essences recall the aromas that were used to throw in the water of the thermal baths, their colors a refreshing place. The second environment is inspired by “tepidarium” as a place of transition between the two different areas and as a place of relax. The presence of shady vegetation ensures a comfortable place, from moderate temperatures. A series of poufs offer the opportunity to relax and enjoy the rustle of graminaceae and the jingle of the “fuurin”. The third environment recalls the “calidarium” through the creation of a dry, desert and warm environment. It is characterized by a central source of vapors. The presence of vegetation is limited to small stretches of sedum turfs with warm colors. This environment represents the space intended for “mindfulness”.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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Martina Pappalardo


Martina Pappalardo is an italian architect that founded in 2020 the atelier “MAPA Architecture and Landscape” to develop projects and children’s workshops about architecture and landscape. In 2019 the productive garden “Come back to Itaca” was realized for the “Radicepura Garden Festival” and won the “Premio Gardenia” and the publication in “Gardenia” magazine, in “100 Progetti Italiani” book, and in “Il Giardino Italiano” magazine. In 2020 the garden “Pandora’s box” was selected and realized by “Festival Internacional de jardins Ponte de Lima” winning the podium. Currently the atelier is working on several renovation projects of indoors and on the design of outdoor spaces.