The forest of the night

Edition 2021 – Garden 6

“The Forest of the Night” is a garden designed for exploration rather than study, a garden for self-interpretation, but not to interpret. The idea for the design is based on the two twin poems that were William Blake’s masterpieces: “The Tyger” and “The Lamb”. They combine prophetic and imaginative overtones to trace a human being’s path of growth. These two works mutually come together and create a unifying story of what man carries inside.

The question asked in these poems relates to the creation of two diametrically opposed animal entities, the dark tiger and the innocent lamb. These are, of course, symbols, but they are also real presences in the human soul.
On the one side, in “The Forest of the Night”, we have the tiger, with its ferocity, life force, terrifying appearance and fearful symmetry. On the other, the timid lamb, a symbol of purity, love and kindness.

The path through the garden is similar to the one that the two compositions lay out for us: the visitor crosses the night-time forest, symbolised by high wooden posts that are rough or burnt and gets lost in their own footsteps as if on a path of initiation.

They eventually find their bearings and reach a central point with high mirrors where they can recognise themselves, observe their eyes and treasure the tiger or lamb that they carry inside.

The path continues on the opposite side, where the forest is less dense and, through the slender trees, the visitor glimpses quiet pastures and green plains.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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Landscape First 

Italia e China

Landscape First is a multidisciplinary creative workshop that offers a landscape and garden idea that encompasses different areas of knowledge and study. By proposing a comprehensive vision of the landscape, its components want to draw attention to the importance of greenery, nature, art and creativity, to improve living conditions, social relations and reduce the gap between cities and nature. Landscape First is also a cultural association based in Italy for the dissemination of landscape knowledge ( For Landscape First, Gael Glaudel, Yijie Yang, and outside member Yutong Zhao combine their skills to create gardens and urban landscapes, to spread a landscape culture, and to meet the challenges of a more sustainable future.