6- The world throughtout the garden

Edition 2023 – Garden 6

In this garden the authors want to highlight the unique cultural mixture in which the gardens – connected to traditions and eras – have evolved, have joined and have been mixed by the society. It is the union through the art of walk and enjoyment, where you can meddle in different gardens along the history: the Oriental Garden, the Islamic Garden, the French Garden and its antagonist, the English Garden.
The Oriental Garden, the symbol of peace and calmness, in which all the elements – the simple and asymmetrical rocks and vegetation are in balance and harmony, being subjects of admiration and contemplation.
The French Garden – based on the symmetry of embroidery, has elements of observation from a viewpoint from where the axis is set on the perspective. The order and nature are imposed in these gardens.
The English Garden, in which the green lawn and the colourful changing flowers tell the story of the free nature, the routes are not indicated and surprise and exploration are left to wander. All the elements in this garden seek the picturesque scenery.
The Islamic Garden, in which the water becomes the main element is accompanied by ceramics and aromatic herbs which awaken the senses; it is based on spirituality, finding an immersion between the natural resources, landscape and human being.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

Lara, Óscar e Paula.

A Coruña & Barcelona.

The group is formed by three Landscaping students in their last year at USC and UDC: LARA CAAMAÑO FERNÁNDEZ, ÓSCAR MARQUÉS SÁNCHEZ and PAULA FUSTÉ HERNÁNDEZ. Each of us has been studying very different areas but in these three years of learning, our passion for the design, art, theory and landscaping has gathered us to form a varied group with different perspectives, nevertheless, with more enriching experiences.
This project is meant to be the beginning of a new stage, introducing us into a very little known and appreciated world, but nonetheless, of great interest. We are seeking to join concepts and feelings offering our points of view not only regarding the garden, but on everything which this implies.