Camiño do recordo.

Edition 2022 – Garden 7

The Garden is shaped for people who suffer from Alzheimer. As the name itself recites – “The Road of Remembrance” – it tries to lead the users to places where they could have created any memories during their lives and help them remember.
This garden has been designed following the proposals from the book “Healing Gardens, Therapeutic, benefits and design recommendations” by Clare Cooper Marcus and Marnie Barnes (1999) which help us comprehend what these sufferers go through and which would be the best way to guide them around the garden, making them feel comfortable and safe all along.
There are walking areas and spots which will bring to mind certain sceneries and representative places in Galicia, i.e. the beach, the woods or the manors. It will contain scents and colours to try to stimulate the memory. Therefore, there will be specific Galician plants, such as the camellias and the hydrangeas which will flank the route to go and will frame the different stays. There will also be three important elements relating the garden to the individual: a set of mirrors interacting with the visitor reflecting this one and the garden at the same time; the mirrors also lead the path through the different spaces.
This road of the recollection intends to convey the tourist into an entertaining stroll throughout their past.


uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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Rodrigo Hernández Calleja
María José Egido Esteso
Nerea Huelamo Sánchez
Javier Gomez de Miguel
Guillermo Ginés González González


Guillermo, Javier, María-José, Nerea and Rodrigo – five students graduated on Fundaments of Architecture at Polytechnic University in Madrid.
We have joined our skills in order to propose a garden for the International Gardens Festival from Allariz, edition 2022.
Although with different styles and design central points, we share the passion for architecture and landscaping. Driven by the enthusiasm for design, this team is excited about facing new challenges and show the world of scenery to the public.