Playing heals. More parks and less screens!

Edition 2022 – Garden 8

In the last months you have been sitting a lot at home, haven´t you? Well, we are inviting you to bring your routine in this natural park; are you in?

For dozens of thousands of years, the human race has evolved throughout intense physical activity. Our ancestors used to walk long distances for hunting and harvesting; our bodies have adapted optimally to work doing hard physical actions. In the last years, though, both adults and children have become too sedentary; we do not need to go hunting or in search of food, we do not even grow vegetables and crops like our grandparents, who were still doing physical activity in their gardens and fields. Now we just log on the web and the food gets at our doorway.

This sedentary attitude is being paid with our health and it will become more serious. The recent pandemic has risen this aspect, making the screens more essential: the TV-sets, the laptops and computers, smartphones and videogames are trapping hours – too many hours – from our teenagers´ leisure time. It is a duty of the public institutions, and our school centres among them, to look after our citizens´ health. Therefore, we consider nothing better for this purpose than the physical activity in nice, charming spaces, built with recycled and natural materials. PLAYING OUTDOORS maintains our health!

The pupils and staff from the Secondary School (IES de Allariz) and the Primary School (CEIP Padre Feijoo) wished to sketch this tiny playing space as a seed for what a park could be, here in Allariz and in other places with these features; made with natural materials, like in a magical spot – in which, taking into account their safety, the toddlers and children can climb, crawl, roll, explore, breathe clean air and have fun all in one.

The games in the Magic Garden have been made by the Primary School CEIP Padre Feijoo pupils and the design has been made by the Secondary School IES Allariz students; we hope you will enjoy and play around healthily!

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni



CEIP Padre Feijóo de Allariz e IES de Allariz