9- Tahara Garden

Edition 2023 – Garden 9

Tahara: feminine substantive. In the Muslim tradition it means purity or spiritual and physical cleanliness. This garden refers to the purification of the soul, the encounter of a space of refuge where to dispose the impurity through the fragrance from the vegetation, the murmur of the water and the scenery architecturally formed. All these elements belong to the Hispanic – Islamist garden.

The arches and pergolas are the background for the purification area given by the vegetation and water.

The garden is searching to stimulate the senses – mainly the hearing and the smell through the lifted pool and the aromatic herbs, but not only. It is also chasing the touch, making the visitor a participant in the seeding. This can be done while the garden is shown and the visitors are invited to take part in its design by themselves.

This types of gardens have the purpose to transform abandoned urban spaces into evanescent landscapes. In our garden the visitors themselves can interfere by planting seeds provided at the entrance of the garden.

A layer of water crossed by two trenches also divided by a path allowing to walk along the space is set right in the middle of the axis. On each side of the layer there is space left for the visitors and for the two squares with soil for planting.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni


Madrid & Italia.

A group of three friends studying architecture at the Technical Superior College in Madrid. The three of them met in a class in which they discovered their interest for the landscaping and the design of contemporary gardens.
The participants are: SILVIA GARCÍA (Madrid, 1998) MARINA PALELLA (Italy, 2000) and JULIA URZAIZ (Madrid, 1998). Julia and Silvia met at primary school and they have studied the degree of Fundaments of Architecture at ETSAM since September 2016. Currently, both of them are studying “Master in Habilitating Architecture” at the same college. Martina Palella is a student of architecture at the Polytechnic University in Bari, Italy and an Erasmus scholarship student at ETSAM.
“When the three of us met we realised that we were having the same passion for nature, gardening and landscaping. We have mixed our abilities for the design and it made us gather together for this festival.”