The Poetry of Things

Edition 2021 – Garden 9

The search for poetic essence, with Federico García Lorca.

What is poetry? We read poems, dream up situations and tumble into imaginary worlds. But where does poetry start? When can we say that something is poetic?

Poetry is something that walks down the street. It moves; it crosses our paths. Everything has its own mystery, and poetry is the mystery in everything. You pass by a man, you look at a woman, you make out a dog’s slanting gait and, in each of these subjects, there is poetry. […] The main thing is finding the key to poetry.” (A conversation with Federico García Lorca: “Poetry is Something That Walks Down the Street”. Interview by Felipe Morales, 1936).

Immerse yourself in poetry and see it through García Lorca’s eyes. Go into a blurry world and begin your journey towards discovering the essence of poetry.

For García Lorca, poetry is always present, walking at your side. It is something that wants only to be discovered, whether this be in the beauty of a flower, light reflecting off a glass bottle or the cracks in an old leather shoe.

Our garden aims to demonstrate this way of interpreting poetry and make it into a new practice: the practice of taking a moment to rest and look carefully at things.

Perhaps you will discover poetry in your surroundings or in your closest neighbour. Perhaps even in yourself.


uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni




Italy & Germany


Anna Richter

Lioba Dörfel

Moritz Greiner


ALM_A is a team of landscape students. Anna Richter comes from Italy and Lioba Dörfel and Moritz Greiner are of German origin. The three went to Vienna, Austria, to study at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), where they have also met. The project “The poetry of things” is their first project they have worked together.