The Road Which Led Rosalia to Emigration

Edition 2021 – Garden 1

The garden you are about to stroll through focuses on the character of the great Galician poet Rosalía de Castro. Her poem “Adiós ríos, adiós fontes” (Good-bye rivers, good-bye springs) is a good example of her poetry, portraying the scourge of emigration, suffered by most Galician families in those times and now, again, becoming a reality for young Galician people.
We propose a journey along the different stanzas of this well-known piece of poetry by representing some of the most prominent elements in it, in such a way that visitors will imagine themselves as protagonists of this path towards emigration. A piece of luggage will be available for you to grab and immerse yourself in the feelings of the moments immediately prior to your departure towards the unknown.
In this proposal we try to represent some of the good things characteristic of our land, against the sensation of emptiness at the start of the journey.
We would like to make this garden a tribute to migrants, recognising the courage of their difficult decision to provide a better life for their families and themselves.
The journey ends at the starting point… by retracing your steps in the path towards the unknown, you will be able to observe your origins once again.
The two songs you will listen to are Adios ríos, adiós fontes by Amancio Prada and Adiós ríos, adiós fontes by Radio Cos. There is also an image of Rosalía by Rei Zentolo, whom we gladly thank for their permission to use it here.
Let’s start the journey to emigration with Rosalía!

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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Team: Arquiterras

Sara del Río Seoane; Johnatan Carreira Vazquez; Ana Barxa Cid


A team of friends who met at the Superior School of Architecture in A Coruña and they are sharing the passion for design, photography and travel.

  • SARA DEL RIO SEOANE (Ordes,1992)

An architect graduated in ETSAC returned in 2018. She is a collaborator in TEC Architecture and Urbanism Studio in A Coruña.

Permanent formation and interest in everything related to architecture, landscaping, cultural heritage, ecology, photography, painting, music and technology.



An architect graduated in ETSAC (September 2017), has made several courses on structure and installation. He is currently working as an architect in BCR Arquitectura (Lalin) focused on the industrial and efficient building-structure in wood.

Curiosity for sustainable building, efficient energy and more.


ANA BARXA CID (Allariz,1992,)

Licensed in Architecture (ETSAC,2017) and education BIM Manager. She is currently studying a master´s degree on Sustainable Construction (at EUAT).

She is currently working as an architect and BIM Manager at the ARXPROJECT, architecture and interior design office in A Coruña.