8- Overflying the world. “Allariz airlines”

Edición 2023 – Parcela 8

Do you remember those days when we were lockdown because of Covid-19? It looks like a nightmare which we barely recall, but it was a huge drawback in our lives, indeed, a notorious unique experience that had our plans cut off. But above all, it made us crave to go out, go “outdoors”, to know the world, to wander around and discover unknown places, cultures and landscapes. Having a grasp of other places in the world, their culture, history, nature, landscapes and more is a great way to enrich our inner knowledge and our own culture and beliefs. Travelling is a manner to break up our routine, disconnect and open our mind to new horizons.
The interest of the human being in travelling, going abroad and explore new places is not new. The experts in this domain settle the beginning of tourism in the early XIXth century, referring to it as we know “tourism” today. The mankind has always travelled, either to conquer, to emigrate or to explore. We are all next to kin to the Africans who left their land in search of opportunities, as many of our Galician ancestors also did, spreading all over the world, seeking a better life and chance. The rise of transportation within the Industrial Revolution meant a big stretch for the tourism. The railway, later the AIRPLANE, made that us, the human beings could visit remote places in less time, an issue which had not been dreamt before that.
This school year, I.E.S. Allariz – the students from third grade who study Competencies Project together with the Primary School CEIP “Padre Feijoo” have drawn a small plot in which you can travel the world across its five continents. They have followed the traces of the tourists, emigrants or refugees… Once you step inside our garden, you will have a seat in our airline and will be able to discover the great symbols of the world in images belonging to the varieties of flora on each continent. A sensory experience that you cannot miss.
You only have 120 (one hundred and twenty days) to come and discover it at the Gardens Festival!

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

CEIP Padre Feijoo & IES de Allariz