Allariz Sabe

Allariz tastes of almonds and art… It tastes of chestnuts… Allariz tastes of ox meat and of wild mushrooms and history… It tastes of fresh home-grown vegetables… Of Queso do Rexo cheese and sausages… Allariz has a thousand flavours.

Allariz knows what it wants… to be everyone’s perfect dish, at any time and to suit any occasion.

Producto de Allariz

Food and drink are the tools for rural development and economic growth, a commitment to innovation based on tradition, but also a tourist attraction. Allariz produces quality products linked to the primary sector, like these.

Handmade products from Allariz

Local cake and pastry making tradition dates back to the Jewish settlers who made their home in Allariz and uses the same time-honoured methods. Almond biscuits, “tarta real” (almond tart), “melindres” (almond cakes) and liquors, all sold under the “Producto artesano de Allariz” brand, are the foundations on which traditional local cake and pastry making is based.

Allariz Ox Meat Event

During three weeks of honouring Allariz’s ox meat, the town’s restaurants and bars serve this delicious meat in a range of tapas and menus.