Jardín Amaoto

Edition 2022 – Garden 5

Amaoto is a Japanese word that gives its name to the sound that raindrops make when they break. And this is the concept that we have adopted for the garden placed in plot number 5 of Allariz. This garden alludes to sonotherapy; which, as many studies in the field of psychiatry and psychology have shown, has beneficial effects on mental health and creating positive and relaxing moods. In addition, Japanese architecture has also served as inspiration for the soft and light forms that surround the garden.

After the serious situation that we have experienced during the last year and a half, the therapeutic issue is very much in line with the needs of the new spaces in our cities. Spaces in which we feel safe, disconnected from technologies, stress and agitation; to connect with the outdoors and nature. The garden that we have raised will serve as a refugee, a rest or simply a break.

The design of the garden aims to create a pleasant atmosphere where you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Oriental philosophy speaks of the properties that gardens have, and of the modification of the human being over nature in order, through its forms and textures, to generate a balanced natural space that evokes sensations in the visitor.

uno+uno: Isotta Cortesi e Gisela Bartoloni

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A team of friends who met by chance for a class project at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid, and discovered together their love of gardening and design.
This team is made up of Patricia Gómez-Carpintero Pollán (1998), Eneko Huici Itarte (1998) and Isabel Mayoral Vallés (1997). We started the Architecture degree at ETSAM in 2016, and we are currently studying the Enabling Master at the same school. We suppose that our concern for landscaping, nature and design brought us together and made us combine our skills for this festival proposal. Although it is our first experience outside of school and the world of architecture, we are excited to materialize our idea and continue our training thanks to the festival.